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Author visit 1

Since I am transitioning from one publisher to another, my pricing for visits is going through some changes.  Please email me with your questions using my contact page.

Presentation will be tailored to the school upon discussion with person booking the visit.  Book reading, interactive dramatic play, informative process of publishing , you can be a writer at all ages, reading takes you places, and summer reading kick-offs to promote reading/writing during the summer are presentation options.

All books will be signed.

Presentation length would be 35-45 minutes for kinder/first grade and 45-55 for 2nd grade and up.

What would I need?

  • large projection screen
  • projector
  • laptop
  • microphone for large groups (groups should not be larger than 250 students).

Two schools may work together if within a reasonable driving distance between morning and afternoon sessions allowing for lunch. Maximum of four presentations in one day.

Book order forms and promotional mini-poster specifically for your school will also be provided. Bulk of books will be distributed the day of school visit.  Arrangements for books to be shipped after the school visit can be made.

Payment for author visit is expected on day of presentation.

If you are interested in a public library presentation, please contact me for pricing.

I also do presentations on:

  • Writing as a career and/or my journey to getting published.
  • Crafting a children’s story for all ages interested in creative writing.
  • Interactive mysteries for either adults or children.


K. McCauslin-My kindergarten students are writing books this week and they keep saying,  “We want to be like Mrs. Maret!”  Such an awesome experience for them to meet you! (Shippensburg)

B. Jones-Sherri Maret came to visit our 4th and 5th grade school during the last days of the school year. She and her illustrator did a great job explaining the publishing process to the students. We had large group assemblies, and even in the waning days of the school year, students were engaged in her presentation and with her story. It’s easy to see that she has a natural rapport with kids and was in the classroom for many years herself. It was amazing to see the number of hands raised during the Q and A portion of her program– kids were definitely interested in what she had to say, and I heard many making enthusiastic comments about the author visit. (Shippensburg)

J. Shirk-Thank you so very much for presenting to my high school Children’s Literature class yesterday! My high school students were still talking about your visit today and how much they enjoyed your presentation.   They found your experience and information very beneficial to them.  The opportunity to hear a published writer will definitely help them begin their own stories which they will be reading to elementary students at the end of the course.  Thank you! (Shippensburg)

A. Ledebur-Sherri Maret presented at our public library.  She  is booked for two school presentations at my elementary school.  Her reading was fun and interactive for the children.  She has over fifty follow-up activities/worksheets for her two books and a book care video which I used at the beginning of school.  (Chambersburg)

S. Irot-We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Sherri and hosting her interactive, captivating, and hilarious puppet shows for children of all ages many times. Sherri presents classic and new children’s literature in fresh ways, expertly incorporating audience participation, a lot of laughs, and a sense of wonder into her shows. Sherri’s background in education as a school librarian is evident as she takes the time to tailor her shows to her audiences, talk with children, and even repeat their favorite scenes, much to their delight! I wholeheartedly recommend Sherri’s puppet shows, as each story she presents encourages a love of reading and builds positive and meaningful connections with books and stories. (Shippensburg)

PA Child Abuse and Criminal History clearances available upon request! I still hold my PA teaching certificate, too.




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