Book Activities

Before reading my books or any others, try this activity sheet.  Have students predict what the book is about based on the cover and write a summary about their version of the story.

Predict the story activity

Newspaper (Act as a reporter writing an article (on a book) as if it is really happening or happened).

The Cloud Artist activities are now available.  Updated activities (11/25) are here.

Click here for (9/17 version).  Activities include ones on title page, parts of a story, sequencing of story, crossword puzzle, inference sheet, creative writing, bubble sheet practice, plot walk, and more.

The Cloud Artist art activities can include using the paint program.  See rabbit example below.  Another activity could be finger painting using white paint on sky blue construction paper.  Many cloud art activities are available on pinterest.

The Gingerbread Man’s School Adventure follow-up activities for all grades are here.

HELP ME! follow-up activities are below.  Click here to view instructions and ideas then chose the appropriate skill level sheets below.

Pre-K to 1st grade activities, click here.

2nd to 3rd grad activities, click here.

4th to 5th grade activities, click here.