Extra Ideas for Elementary

Students act as a journalist reporting as if events in a book happened.  Click on Newspaper template.

Thanksgiving at the Tappletons’ with Megan Lloyd as illustrator is a great cause/effect book.  My worksheet is here.

The Skull Alphabet Book was a favorite with third grade and I brought in real skulls for students to identify.  Here is my worksheet for that book, click here.

Read Imogene’s Antlers then do this computer activity (Build Your Wild Self) which I did in the fall of kindergarten year.  Students the next year wanted to do the activity again and sometimes we did after I would read I Wish I Had Duck Feet.

My computer short cuts included these which were great for after check out: Build Your Wild Self,  Bookflix, Brainpop, Jr., National Zoo animal Web Cams and  Arcademic Skill Builders.

Lose your voice? Have a back up Storyline online lesson.

For second grade and up, this is Dewey practice: Order in the Library Game.

If you have Discovery Education, I believe you have all the Magic School Bus episodes and a lot of great picture books that are in video version.  Great for emergency sub plans.

As a librarian, I had a box ready for that “Emergency” sick day.  You never know when that day is going to hit.  I have a solution!  Have my book(s) in a box with copies from my activities section.  You will never have to worry about emergency sub plans again!

Elementary librarians and teachers, be sure to get your free epic account.  Great for tech lessons!  Link is here.