A new chapter is beginning with my new publisher,  Roadrunner Press in Oklahoma.  My new book will be out this summer!  So excited!

My first two books are now out of print since my first publisher and I dissolved our contract.  I have limited quantities left if anyone wants to place an order.

I want my books to be used to teach educational concepts.  Please view the activities that go along with each of my books.  As a veteran librarian of seventeen years and English teacher for three years, my goal for my books is to have them be fun, interactive, and educational.  Hopefully children/students will learn from the provided activities.

I have to thank ABC Good Day, PA for having me as a guest author on their show.  If you would like to see it, click  here.

I absolutely love visiting schools because I miss interacting with students on a daily basis. Photos of school visits are on my public facebook page and  if you click here you can go there.  At my past author visits, many teachers used my activities after my presentation was over.

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