About Sherri Maret

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Sherri Maret lives in Pennsylvania.  She was born in Greenville, TX which is outside of Dallas.  Her mother, grandparents, and great grandparents lived in the McAlester, OK area and they share a Choctaw ancestry.  Exploring her ancestry has led to some exciting discoveries! She is related to Joseph C. Pitchlynn (third great-grandfather) and Edward Folsum (fourth great-grandfather).  Herbert and Charlotte Allen (grandparents) both had Choctaw ancestry.

Sherri’s elementary and  junior high school years were spent in Beeville, Corpus Christi,   Portland and Pearland.   She moved from Texas with her family to Farmington, NM and graduated from Farmington High School.

She attended Eastern New Mexico University for two years and then took time off to work and then have a child.  She received a B.A. degree in English from the College of Santa Fe in NM and moved to Arizona to teach.  She attended Arizona State University to get certified to become a library media specialist.  After teaching English for three years in Mesa, AZ, she and her husband moved to Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania she started her first library media specialist position.  She received a M.S. degree in Education from Wilkes University in PA .  She taught in South central Pennsylvania until she decided to pursue being an author full time.  Her teaching career spanned a little over twenty years.

Sherri and her husband love to travel, but her main passion is reading and writing.   Imagine that!





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